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Updated 2002-10-06
 History images/

2002-09-20: New free JavaScript: rollover.
2002-09-18: is site of the month on SIG-La-Lettre.
2002-09-05: Games.
2002-08-29: Image point's symbols management created in our web GIS.
2002-08-04: Georama said: ", a wizard for geomatic" ;-)
2002-07-01: New jobs opportunities
2002-06-11: Avenue presentation, and a new free script: MakeRelTAb
2002-04-05: Web GIS (JShape) et AlovMap samples.
2001-11-28: GeoSurf is now
2001-11-25: HTML language.
2001-11-02: Jobs.
2001-11-01: "Make a link" page.
2001-10-01: Guestbook improvements.
2001-09-06: The GeoSurf guestbook is available for download.
2001-06-09: New styles avalaibles.
2001-05-27: New page upon the job of geomatician.
2001-05-22: New version for forums.
2001/05/12: web-hosting changed for some parts of GeoSurf.
2001/04/21: A new look by default. System information page updated.
2001/04/15: More then 2.500.000 sites availables from GeoSurf portal or search engine.
2001/04/10: DHTML, debugging, "hand-crafted" guestbook.
2001/03/08: Search engine.
2001/02/13: Portal, customization.
2000/10/19: On-line help on pHp.
2000/09/22: New page upon security.
2000/08/10: Various updates, JavaScripts.
2000/08/09: Interactive world map.
2000/08/07: Links to other sites stored in a MySQL database.
2000/07/14: New version for Geo-Forum.
2000/07/10: Meteorology: links to recent satellite images.
2000/06/22: Site creation.

 VisitorsCompteur images/

2001-08-04: 5000th visit.
2001-01-08: 2000th visit.
2000-09-19: 1000th visit at half past seven pm.