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Computers security
Sure, nobody's out of reach of a true pirat. Certainly, some viruses could delete your datas, and even burn your motherboard ... But piracy and hacking destroy much less datas than security mistakes and forgiven rules ...
 Computers security

   Security is at first no trust that "it happens only to others" ...


   It's ALWAYS necessary to backup your datas regurlarly !!!

After, it's too late ...


   One or several good anti-viruses softs are necessary. Always check executable programs (.exe, .com, .bat, etc ...), from floppy disks, cd-roms, or mails !!!

   Be aware from files in mails, from some sites, and from downloads. Avoid downloading an executable program except from a 100% reliable site !!!
   Be careful with macros and scripts too: deactivate their auto-execution, so it will fire a message asking you if you want to run it: answer "yes" only if you are sure that is a good choice ...


   Is YOUR Internet security well-configured ? Click here to check it, or here to learn more before ...

not achieved ... ;-)

Under improvement ...