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The PHP language
   Php is a server-side interpreted language. It generate dynamic web pages, particurlarly from a database. Its syntax come from C, Java, and Perl, with some inedite functions. You can include php-code in your HTML code.
 The PHP language

   Php is constituted by instructions associated together in a function, a script, or a page with extension .php, and of comments.


   It's ALWAYS necessary to comment your code, at least to read it after six months ...
   Comments may begins by// or by # and ends at the end of line, like this:

// After the tenth rewriting, a well-commented code is always better!
#--- and it's possible to embed a comment like this ...

   A several-lines comment is quoted by /* at the beginning and */ at the end:

/*After the eleventh rewriting, a well-commented code may become far better!
Isn't it ?*/


   Php instructions MAY be included in HTML code like this:

    = "Hello!";
    = 2 + 2;