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Map Server

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Updated 2003-02-18
Map Server
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    MapServer is a CGI. available for many platforms, including Linux and Windows, it provide mapping functionalities to a web server (Apache or IIS, as samples), and ascript language, like php, to create cartographic's web services.
    MapServer is functions-rich, including for databases. MapServer can use PostGRE SQL and its PostGIS extension. In windows platforms, ecw image imageformat is supported. Just a little problem: its installation under Windows is tricky ;-).
    But when you'll get Apache installed, php updated, php in CGI configured, mapserver and mapscript installed, yours httpd.conf and php.ini modified, and a webmapping application installed (Localis, for example), when you'll have done that, it become powerful ;-) !
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Map Server is under GPL license.